Tour du Mont Blanc Cyclo

I am always saying, that i am new to Ultra Cycling but I actually did already a crazy Race back in July 2017. Le Tour du Mont Blanc Cyclo: 330km with 8000m D+. In the past I rode races like „Ötztaler, Arlberggiro, Alpenbrevet etc, but nothing comparable.


I started way to fast with group of strong guys. I rode with them from the start in Saisies via Chamonix to Switzerland. We crossed Le Col de Montets (1400m) and Le Col de la Forclaz (1500m). I had to let them go in the climb up to Champex le Lac (1500m). 120km into the race I was pretty dusted and had an idea of what the rest of day will bring. The next climb up to the Le Col du Grand St. Bernard (2400m) was very looong and steeper than expected. After a long descent I hit the 200km mark, but i knew that i only had 2/3 completed. It was very hot in the italian Aosta Valley and it took some time to get to the Col du petite St. Bernard (2100m). The road down to Bourg Saint Maurice was very bad and it wasnt a good idea to ride old school without any gloves. The next one was the Cormet du Roselend (1900m). In the middle of the climb I had a little high, but i can tell you its not clever to ride with 300+Watts too long after 270km. The last 5km were horrible and cold. The descent was pretty scary because i was so tired and braking was hurting like hell. After 315km I entered the last climb up to the finish line in Saisies. I don’t know if I ever struggled more in my life. I was slow as fuck and i felt so dizzy. Everything was dizzy. I had almost 2 hours for the last 16km. I finished with the last sunbeams. After 15h or so. I have no idea of my exact time and place. I was just happy to be alive.

I am not sure if I would do it again, but I highly recommend this experience. Stuff like that helps you to grow as an athlete and human being.

The Transambikerace will be a challenge for sure, but i don’t think that it will be that hard. And if its going to be as hard as Le Tour du Mont Blanc, I know, that I’m gonna survive. And flat 300km in Kansas will fell way more is easy now (if there is no wind;).

Startline at 4am.







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