The Question WHY

Maybe this is the most asked question of my life: Why?


  • Why are you doing this?
  • Why don’t you want to live a normal life?
  • Why don’t you have a girlfriend and settle down?
  • Why do you run away from real life?
  • Why do you like the feeling of pain?
  • Why are you so extreme?
  • Why do you ride your bike that much?
  • Why don’t you feel alone?
  • Why do you like taking risks?
  • Why is an Ironman Triathlon not enough?
  • Why do you run in the himalayas?
  • Why do you want to cross countries with your bike?

The answer is most of the time: I just like to do it and need it for my freedom of soul.

That sounds pretty simple but in the end i always do what i like to do. „Do what you love“ is an often used term in an inflationary hashtag way, but for me this is my personal key to live a happy life. As soon as i notice, that i feel like something is not making me happy (anymore), i change my life until i am completely happy again. Sounds like Pippi Langstrumpf or Peter Pan, but it works (at least for me).

This combined with my personality which is prone for extremes, is the reason for my favor of doing sports in an extreme way.

I am lucky because I found my passion with cycling when I was pretty young. I raced and trained a lot in an age where you adapt fast. What was inconceivable for the most people became normal. Riding my bike for hours, day in and day out, climbing famous Tour de France Passes, descending with over 80km/h, all of this was a daily issue. At the same time your mind learns what is achievable if you believe in yourself and your strength. You learn to have trust in your abilities and that you always make it, as long as you keep on riding. You also learn that the time outside of your comfort zone is way more precious than everything else.  And you always want to get back to those feelings. Thats the point where you become dependent.

This mindset and dependence is maybe one of the main reasons for my way to life my life. I am addicted to the feelings sport can give to me. I tried to get these feelings in other territories but there was no dance floor, no drug which was able to give me the same feeling than i have in extreme situations, close to my limits. Thats why i am still riding my bike, running up mountains, and swimming in the arctic seas. Crossing countries with my bike is the next step. After finishing my first Ironman with 23, running through the himalayas with 26, its now a logical to cross the united states in three weeks. Thats why i chose the Transambikerace as my first Ultra Cycling Event.


Its a little bit critical that the events always have to be longer and more extreme. If you do the same thing twice the feelings are not the same. I am kind of lost in the faster, higher, longer loop and i don’t know if its a good thing. Sometimes i am afraid of the idea, that i never won’t be able to settle down. To be happy with the moment and not thinking about the next level as soon I reached the next one seems to be impossible for me at the moment. This makes me also quite incompatible for serious relationships at the moment. I need so much freedom and you never know where or what i am going to do in three months. I get bored super quickly by real life. Thats a problem for sure.

I don’t know exactly where my ideas of doing these extreme challenges coming from. Once they appear I immediately have to check out if it could be possible. And if the answer is yes. I start planning them. As my grandma said: What you don’t do, won’t happen. I need to do this crazy stuff for my inner peace, my freedom of soul, to feel alive.

…and there are already a lot of ideas…riding through Columbia and Peru, Morocco, Iceland, Kirgisistan…etc.

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