Trans-Am-Bike-Race 2019


My challenge for 2019 is a self supported Ultra Cycling Event: Transambikerace ( A Race from the west to the east-coast. From Astoria, Portland to Norfolk, Virginia. 10 States. 4200 miles or 6800 km. Without support.


Its a bit like the famous RAAM but a little bit longer and no team behind you. Therefore it takes some more time to cross the country. My plan is to complete the route in 21-23 Days. This would be an average of 280 – 300km each day.


Sport is a selfish thing and i did it long enough for myself. With my sportive challenge I want to collect donations for a project which really means a lot to me: Access Nepal ( Kathmandu). I will make a post soon about the details. The idea is to raise money for every kilometer i ride. You can choose between 1 Cent per KM up to 1 Euro per KM, but of course you are free to donate any other amount. I will collect the money and give it my former boss Gokul Subedi in Kathmandu. I worked for this NGO for a few month in 2016. It was a lifetime experience and they do incredible things for children! Stay tuned for more infos about the charity program.

About the Organisation:

ACCESS envisions a world where every single child has easy access to health, education and human rights without any barriers or discrimination.

Specific Objectives:

-Protect Children from abuse, neglect and exploitation. -Provide educational support to Child Domestic Laborers

– motivating them to withdraw from work, reunite with their family and join school.

-Discourage the practice of hiring Child Domestic laborers.

-Sensitize and mobilize communities to protect and promote child rights.

-Provide services of rescue, relief and care support to abused

-children such as child domestic labor exploitation and child sexual abuse.

-Provide school education scholarships to needy children

-Run a safe shelter home for needy children.

-Run schools for quality education to marginalized and neglected children

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