About me.

Hi, iam Luke, 29 and i like it to make stupid sport ideas real. Stupid is what other people call my ideas. I prefer to call them „challenging“.

I grew up in Germany doing a lot of different sports until the age of 13, when i was sitting on a road bike for the first time of my life. I conquered the Mont Ventoux in France with 14 and got into cycling and doing races until i turned 20 and was part of a Continental Team. Alcohol & Girls prevented a professional cycling career and i studied law in switzerland. In the year 2013 i did a long distance triathlon as my first ever triathlon and was able to stay under 11 hours. That was when i got pretty deep into triathlon. A few more Ironman and other long distance triathlon followed until 2015 when i finished Challenge Almere in under 9.45h. In 2016 finished university and went to Nepal. I was working for a regional NGO called Access and was running in the himalayas (find the blogposts in german).

In 2017 i tried to take a serious approach in triathlon again, but once again i failed after 6 month of serious training. I just have to be free and a strict training plan isn’t compatible with my mindset. After accepting this i started my first „real job“ in refugee law in 2018. As i started to feel tired about the idea to race in cycling and other sport events, i took a different approach and trained just for fun. Surprisingly i didn’t trained less than the years before, but i rediscovered my love for cycling. I rode almost 1000km and well over 25.000m D+ in 7 days on the volcano island of tenerife and did a few 200km rides last winter with temperatures around freezing. In August 2018 i did my last triathlon for the next years. The Lofoten Extreme Triathlon was the perfect place for the last one. During the summer i discovered the world of unsupported Ultra Cycling Events like the Transcontinental, Transambikerace or Silk Road Mountain Race. I immediately fell in love with the idea to cross countries and regions just with my bike and without support.

These events are my new path in cycling. I still love cycling and its a perfect substitute for Races like Ironman and other stuff. Its more about the sport itself, a journey with your bike, but you still have to be really fit to finish races like i mentioned before. I am also interested in doing bike packing trips by my own, but for the beginning i prefer an organized frame. The transambikerace 2019 will be my first self-supported cycling event. People call me crazy for starting my „bike packing career“ with a race like that, i see it more as a challenge. Its so much fun to prepare the bike and everything for trips like that….and i have many ideas for the following years….columbia, morocco, iceland…hot shit is waiting out there.

Follow my journey about the preparation, material and the races.


cheers luke




ps: just for the record and all the people who keep asking me why am i doing all these „crazy“ trips. the answer is: i need them to feel alive. the more you get out of your comfort zone, the more intensive are your feelings. thats why i love it so much to leave the comfort zone as far as i can.



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